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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If I send an Email to an attorney is it confidential?
    Yes, we never receive any copy's of emails sent because of the client attorney relationship privilege, please read our terms and conditions for more information.

  2. Do you use a rating system to rate attorneys?
    Currently we do not use a rating system.

  3. How much is subscription fee per year?
    $79 is the subscription fee per year.

  4. What does subscription fee include?

    A new subscription includes the following features:

    1. Top priority ranking in the search results.
    2. Premium placement in the featured lawyers and featured law firms sections of lawyerworld and lawyercity directories.
    3. Color photo
    4. Full biography
    5. Practice area description
    6. Education. Law School, Graduate School and additional accreditations.
    7. Full address and contact information
    8. E-mail contact link
    9. Your active web site address link
    10. Video Upload

If you have additional questions please read our terms and disclaimer's first, if your question is not answered please contact us at

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